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Barley is one of the most widely cultivated cereals of the world after wheat, corn and rice. Its primary uses include animal feed, seed and malt production. This cereal belongs to the family of 'poaceae', a plant commonly known as grass. It is a rich source of metals like zinc, copper, phosphorous, etc. as well as other nutrients like calcium and iron. More importantly, barley is one of the richest sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Types of barley include hulled, hulless and pearled barley.

Barley Fodder

A rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids; barley is widely used as an animal fodder. The nutritional value of barley fodder has been underestimated for a longer time. However, with increased awareness of its nutritional value and associated health benefits, it is recognized as a beneficial portion of animals feed ration. When used as a feed supplement, it shows amazing results. Animals that are accustomed to a grass diet in their natural habitat are healthier in confinement, when fed fresh barley fodder all year round. The barley used as an animal feed is rolled, grounded, flaked or pelleted. While preparing feed supplement, barley is first cleaned and cracked through the milling process. Sometimes, it is mixed with other grains to produce a specific fodder. For cattle, pigs and other livestock, the barley is broken before feeding by running it through a "roller" mill or "hammer mill." Supplementing a cow with fresh barley grass in a typical daily diet increases its milk production capacity, fertility and gives rise to a healthier animal, thus requiring less veterinarian care. When used as a supplement in a horse diet, barley provides many benefits, ranging from higher energy levels to faster recovery times from infection. Barley grass is rick in enzymes and can improve the environment for birds due to reductions in "sticky droppings" from chickens as well as cleaner eggs in laying operations.

Other Uses

Besides being primarily used as an animal fodder, barley is also used as:

  • Human Dietary Supplement: Intake of barley helps in maintaining overall health in the long term.  A wide variety of barley products are known to be suitable for human consumption including porridge, muesli, cookies, etc. made of barley flakes, cereals made of barley bran, and muffins, cookies, breads, pasta, etc. made of barley flour
  • Malted Barley: Barley is malted to be used in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, etc. Apart from this, the malted barley is also used as flavors, sweeteners, malt extracts, malt flours, etc.