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Dry Red Chilly

Dry Red Chilli is one of the many spices used in Indian cooking. It is the fruit of the plants from the genus capsicum, which are members of the nightshade family 'Solanaceae'. They are commercially cultivated in many part of the world as they yield better returns as compared to other varieties. The heat in all chillies, whether hot or mild, is due to the chemical known as 'capsaicin' which is present in chilli seeds and membranes.

Dry red chilli is generally used as a tempering agent and is fried with other spices, then added to the dish as a final touch. In India, lentils, vegetables and many other regional cuisines are flavored with this spice-flavored-oil, comprising of red chilli, cumin, and other spices. Dried chillies can be stored for a longer duration.

Uses of Dry Red Chilly:

The following are the main uses of the dry red chilly:

  • Preparing Chilli Powder: The highly pungent chilli powder is made by grinding the dry red chilli. This powder is one of the common ingredients in majority of cuisines. The pungency in the chilli powder depends on the variety of the chilli used in preparing the powder
  • As a Spice: Dry red chilly is also used as a spice in preparing many cuisines. It is one of the major ingredients and is also used to garnish the dishes.
  • Decoration: Besides being used as a spice, Chilly is also used for decoration purposes. In many European Countries, Chilly Plants are widely cultivated for their beauty. The dark green leaves, white blossoms and red fruits are capable of enhancing the ambiance of the garden.

Attributed Medicinal Properties

Chillies are an excellent source of vitamin, A, B, C and E with minerals like molybdenum, manganese, folate, potassium, thiamin, and copper, they possess many healing properties. It helps in destroying harmful toxins and stimulating gastric juices that help in digesting food.

We offer different Varieties of Chilli from India With Stem, Stem less and Crushed Chilli (Pizza Chilli).

  • SHU denotes Scoville Heat Units, higher the SHU, spicier the chilli.
  • Semi Bird Eye Variety with SHU 80000 Min
  • TEJA Variety with SHU 75000 Min
  • 286 Variety with SHU 25000 Min
  • 334 Variety with SHU 25000 Min