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Green Moong Bean

A delightful freshened raw flavor with a delicate hint of sweetness, mouthwatering, isn’t it. Now that is exactly how Moong Beans tastes. These crispy and sumptuous beans are one of the most vital vegetables in various oriental food and delicacies. Salads are incomplete without bean sprouts and when it comes to bean sprouts its Moong Bean sprouts that we are talking about. Coated with a royal green skin, these beans are also known as Green Bean in China. The split bean is known as Moong dal, which is green with the husk, and yellow when de-husked. The tiny green pearl like beans, are a storehouse of proteins, nutrition and good health. This ordinary ingredient finds place in the shelves of practically every home all over the world, however, most people overlook the importance of the consumption of such a nutritious food. Especially vegetarians, whose major source of proteins are from dals and pulses.