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Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed is a major crop in many nations of the world. Seeds are the most widely used components of the crop; although some cultures also eat the stalks, leaves, and flowers of rapeseed. It is widely used as:

  • Animal Fodder: In many countries of the world, particularly in European nations, rapeseed is widely cultivated as an animal feed. It is used to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, goats, sheep, horses, etc. When used as an animal feed, it shows amazing results. Regular consumption of its leaves, flowers, etc. improves the overall health of an animal. When mixed with other ingredients, it improves the nutrient balance of the total ration.
  • Biodiesel: Rapeseed oil is used in the manufacture of biodiesel for powering motor vehicles. It is the preferred oil stock for produces more oil per unit of land area compared to other oil sources, such as soy beans.
  • Soil Erosion Controller: It provides good soil cover over winter to prevent soil erosion, produces large amounts of biomass, suppresses weeds and can improve soil with its root system.
  • Food Grade Oil: The edible oil extracted from the seed of the rape or rapeseed plant is known as rapeseed oil. Known for its great taste and subtle flavor, this vegetable oil is the world's second leading source of protein meal.

Rapeseed meal is mainly used in animal feed and also as organic fertilizer. The meal is preferred over oilcake due to its versatile use. The protein content is normally 36%-38. The rapeseed is crushed to obtain oil and cake which is further sent to solvent extraction for removal of residual oil and to obtain its meal. The main export markets for Rapeseed meal of India are Bangladesh, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam etc.