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Soya Bean Meal

The soya meal is extracted from the soya bean, regarded as an important crop throughout the world. Soya meal is regarded as the best vegetable protein food source and accounts for over 65% of the world's protein requirements. Much of the soya feed is used as animal feed and rest is used for varied human consumption purposes like in baking and meat substitutes. A solvent extraction method is used in the production of the soya meal where the beans are first crushed and subsequently, the soya oil and soya meal are extracted. It is a highly preferred food source as it is easily digestible, protein rich and also due to its energy giving nature. Soya bean is the preferred oilseed after groundnuts of which India is the largest producer. It is produced by solvent extraction method where the oil is extracted and then defatted. Soya meals can be used to prepare sweet or savory baby food. Soya bean meals are high in B-complex vitamins, have a proven ability to lower cholesterol and are anti carcinogenic. Soy contains essential amino acids, proteins and other nutrients.

Soya bean is the preferred oilseed after groundnuts of which India is the largest producer. Around 3-5 million tons of soya meal is produced in India annually. Soya bean production requires right weather and temperatures. The animal feed sector accounts for the highest demand of a whopping 98%. The prices of maize, sorghum and millets are the other determinants of the price of the soya meal products.

Soya bean meal is the most used vegetable protein feed as an animal feed ingredient. Soybean is sent for crushing to get oil and cake which is further sSent to extraction for removal of residual oil and to obtain its meal. Soybean meal is considered premium to other oil meals due to high protein content. The Indian soybean extractions has a high pro-fat content (49% - 50%) compared to a 44-48% pro-fat content of China and American countries and is very well accepted in the international market. South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia etc.), Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan & Gulf are major markets of Indian soybean meal.

Soybean meal general Specification for Indian origin: Protein: Min 48% Moisture: 11-12% max Fat/Oil: 1.5% max Fibre: 6% max Sand/Silica: 2-2.5% max