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Sugar originated from the Arabic word "Sharkara" and is derived from the Sanskrit world "Sharkara". Sugar is an important part of the daily diet and forming a class of edible substances which includes sucrose, lactose, and fructose. It provides the human body with requisite carbohydrates and is basically extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet.

Found in fruits, honey, sorghum, sugar maple and in several other sources, it is the main ingredient of candy which is loved by children the world over. Yet, it has been blamed for causing tooth decay and excess consumption of sugar has been associated with a host of ailments like diabetes, obesity, weight gain, depression, joint pain, fatigue and insulin resistance and even cancer. Sugar is present in various forms in fruits, honey, maple syrup and other natural sources. It is extracted by an intricate process, whereby the pulp is extracted first and then, the remaining is used for producing the sugar. Sugar has wide variety of uses and is used for baking, sweets, alcoholic beverages, and even in the soap we use. Further, it is also used as a food preservative and in confectionery items.

Sources of Sugars:

Generally, sugar is produced from plants like sugarcane and sugar beet. The sugarcane plant is very thick with long grasses. A perennial crop, it is grown in the various tropical and subtropical areas. The stalks of the sugarcane are the exact location, from where the sweet sap is extracted. Sugar beet has the highest sugar content from among the beetroot family and this variety is specifically cultivated for high quality sugar production. In addition, sugar is produced from sweet sorghum, maple, honey, corn sugar, etc. Of a 180 countries of the world, around a 100 of them make sugar from the sugar beet and cane. In India, Sugar is produced from sugarcane.

Types of Sugars:

Raw Sugars consist of varying shades of yellow to brown sugars and are processed by boiling till it solidifies. From sugar beet juice, the raw beet sugars are extracted and are then used to fabricate white sugar. Raw sugars include demerera, muscovada and turbinado. These are available in crystalline and loaf forms, where the moulds are then allowed to dry up and the resulting product is called jaggery or gur. Raw sugar is not so popular in South America. Mill white sugar is produced by exposing the sugar to sulfur dioxide but it retains the coloured impurities.

White Sugar used much more in India and Asia. White sugar is available in granulated form. Granulated sugar includes coarse grained sugars such as sanding sugars, caster sugar and superfine powdered sugar and they are divided on the basis of fineness of grades.

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