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The sunflower seeds are the fruits of the sunflowers. In botanical terms sunflower seed in more accurate terms are known as an achene, however when hulled, the edible remainder is called the sunflower kernel/seed. Across the globe the sunflower kernels/ seeds are usually consumed as nourishing refreshment rather than as part of a complete/ fully fledged meal.

Sunflower seeds are also used as a garnish in various cuisines. Sunflower seeds production has registered a quantum growth in India with Sunflower Oil gaining popularity as a cooking medium in recent years. The oil content in Indian Sunflower seed ranges between 38 and 44% whereas protein content is 18-25%. The seeds contain hull with a high fiber and wax content and low protein content, which are considered as big obstacles for obtaining a better yield of oil and a high quality protein meal.

In order to overcome these constraints the seeds are hulled. So in recent years, we exporters have invested in developing technology for Hulling of Sunflower Seeds. Major importers for Indian sunflower seeds are Pakistan, U.K, China, Netherlands, Philippines & Poland.